Beauty Derm

What is Beauty Derm?

Dermocosmetics (beauty derm) is a specialty of dermatology that is dedicated to prevent, treat and maintain the skin with a healthy appearance by enhancing its beauty and vitality.

Thus, dermocosmetic treatments and products are aimed at skin, hair and scalp care, indicated to solve dermatological problems such as psoriasis, dry skin or dandruff.

Why is it performed?

Dermocosmetics or Beauty Derm is born from the need to listen to our skin. The difference between Beauty Derm and cosmetics is that until now, cosmetics sought to cover up or conceal skin imperfections and problems. On the other hand, dermocosmetics seeks, from Aesthetic Medicine and Dermatology, to listen to the medical needs of the skin and apply products and treatments that treat and improve the skin from the inside.

Beauty Derm seeks to listen to the skin to treat its needs in a personalized way.

What does it consist of?

First of all, a personalized study of the characteristics of the patient’s skin and the different pathologies (acne, rosacea…) and signs of aging (wrinkles, expression lines, flaccidity…) is performed. In this way it will be possible to make a diagnosis and assess which dermocosmetic treatments are the most appropriate.

Depending on the case, it will require the preparation of personalized master formulas, the administration of medication, or the application of techniques such as peeling, intense pulsed light (IPL), microdermabrasion, etc. Thanks to the personalization of the treatments, the results obtained are more satisfactory and long-lasting.

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Preparation for Beauty Derm

It is important to put yourself in the hands of a good team of expert dermatologists and cosmetic doctors, who have the necessary experience and technology to ensure the patient a thorough diagnosis of the state of their skin and the most advanced treatments adapted to their needs.

Post-procedure care

Most dermocosmetic treatments are minimally invasive and do not require hospitalization. Even so, some treatments such as peeling will require a few days of rest and skin care with specific products. The medical specialists will indicate to the patient the guidelines to be followed in each case.

In addition, a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and the necessary hours of sleep can make a difference in the results of Beauty Derm.