Oncologic Micropigmentation

What is oncologic micropigmentation?

Oncologic micropigmentation is a micropigmentation technique that has evolved a lot over the years. It derives from tattooing and consists of introducing pigment under the skin through a dermographer. In this sense, it is not only capable of beautifying facial features, highlighting the look or populating the eyebrows, but it can also camouflage scars and even create areolas, in cases of breast surgery.

In the case of the optical reconstruction of the mammary areola, a very important point is the choice of the color of the pigment, since it must be as similar as possible to that of the non-mastectomized areola. As the treatment of the areolas is painless, it will not be necessary to use any type of anesthesia.

Why is it performed?

One of the great concerns of people suffering from cancer is the loss of hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. Oncological micropigmentation is very useful in this regard, as it redraws the eyebrows according to the features, so that the face recovers the expressiveness in the look. It is also very useful in women who have suffered breast cancer and have a scar, as it completely reconstructs the areola.

In each case a detailed study of the patient is made, assessing their personal situation.

The treatment of the areolas is painless, so it will not be necessary to use any type of anesthesia.

What does it consist of?

It is recommended to perform oncological micropigmentation before chemotherapy, to minimize the sudden change of image due to hair loss. If the patient is already undergoing treatment, it is important to communicate with the doctor-oncologist. Three steps are followed for its application:

  1. The patient’s body area is studied
  2. A preliminary drawing is made in the area to be treated, looking for the appropriate shape and position in each case.
  3. Micropigmentation is performed
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Two or three applications are necessary to achieve an optimal result.

Care after the procedure

Depending on the area in which the micropigmentation is performed, one type of care or another must be followed:

  • Micropigmentation of eyebrows and eyelashes: the treatment to be followed by the patient at home, would consist of the application of an ointment for a week.
  • Optical reconstruction of the mammary areola: an ointment should also be applied for a week, but protecting the area with gauze.

In all cases it must be taken into account that it is contraindicated:

  • Sunbathing
  • Immersion in water, sauna or Turkish baths.
  • Make up the area or use other products that have not been recommended by the specialist.

Alternatives to this treatment

There is currently no technique that can match or improve on the results provided by oncologic micropigmentation.