Follow-up in treatment with immune therapies during pregnancy

What is the follow-up in treatment with immune-based therapies during pregnancy?

It is the indication and monitoring of immune-based therapies during pregnancy, usually in women who have had repeated miscarriages.

Why is treatment with immune-based therapies during pregnancy monitored?

Treatment is performed when there are immunologic causes of repeat miscarriage that may benefit from a particular therapy and may result in the birth of a healthy child.

What does the follow-up treatment with immune therapies during pregnancy consist of?

First, immunological tests are performed on women with recurrent miscarriage to identify possible causes of miscarriage. If the woman suffers from an immunological cause, a specific treatment can be evaluated.

Preparation for treatment

Women who are candidates for these immune therapies should be carefully selected, checked for contraindications and the treatment should be safely planned since it is to be administered during pregnancy. Some treatments can be administered before pregnancy.

Post-treatment care

Careful care should be taken to ensure that no complications develop and that the pregnancy proceeds normally.

Alternatives to this treatment

When an immune therapy does not usually work, it can be repeated again in the next pregnancy.

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