Migraine DAO test

What is the DAO test for migraine?

The DAO test or DAO enzyme activity test consists mainly of a test to check the amount of DAO enzyme present in the blood.

Migraine can appear for various reasons, although one of the main ones is the existence of an excess of histamine in the body.

As such, histamine is a substance present in everyday foods such as milk, pork, etc. It enters the body with its consumption and is eliminated thanks to the action of the DAO enzyme, although when there is a low amount of this enzyme, histamine is not eliminated and accumulates, being the main culprit of migraine.

The DAO test can be used to determine whether the origin of the migraine is to be found in the patient’s diet.
in the patient’s diet

What does the DAO test for migraine consist of?

The test consists of a simple blood draw, and thanks to it, it is possible to identify whether the origin of the migraine is in the diet.

Why is the DAO test for migraine performed?

The test is carried out to check whether the origin of the migraine is due to poor histamine metabolism.

Preparation for the DAO migraine test

No special preparation is required, as the test is as simple as a blood test, so you should simply come to the consultation on an empty stomach, i.e. for eight to ten hours without food.

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What does the DAO test feel like?

The patient may experience some slight problems at the time of the prick and blood extraction, although these will have no effect on the result of the test or on the patient’s health.

Results of the DAO test

The test can be used to determine whether a person suffers from migraine headaches or migraines. Thus, when a person has this deficit or inhibition, there is an imbalance between the amount of histamine consumed and the capacity of the person’s metabolism to process it.

The foods with the highest amount of histamine ingested are those that have been subjected to preservation, storage or maturation processes, such as canned foods, raw cured sausages, alcohol…

A personalized diet according to your food metabolism capabilities is the best solution to the problem.

If you need a migraine DAO test, you can buy it online and choose the laboratory closest to you.