1. What is a COVID PCR?
  2. What does it consist of?
  3. Why is it performed?
  4. Preparing for a COVID PCR
  5. What does the test feel like?
  6. Meaning of abnormal results

What is a COVID PCR?

A PCR is a type of test that can detect certain genetic material of a pathogen. It is a quick and easy way to diagnose diseases accurately and has been extremely useful in detecting the presence of the Covid-19 coronavirus during the pandemic years.

What does it consist of?

A PCR-type test involves taking a sample of human tissue, either blood, saliva or mucus. An enzyme known as polymerase is added to this sample, which causes it to multiply into thousands of copies.

This process is repeated several times and under special supervision, it is possible to detect if there is any virus or pathogen in the sample.

Through a PCR we can detect if we have this virus in our organism.
in our organism.

Why is it performed?

COVID PCR tests are performed specifically to detect if the coronavirus is present in our body.

PCR tests are generally used to diagnose some diseases of an infectious nature, as well as to identify genetic changes or to find slight traces of cancer cells.

Preparation for a COVID PCR

No prior preparation is necessary for a COVID PCR.

What does the test feel like?

If the PCR was performed using a blood sample, the only thing you will feel is the slight prick of the needle as if it were a blood test.

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If the PCR has been performed by nasal swabbing, we may notice some discomfort in the nose when introducing the stick and it may cause coughing or sneezing. These symptoms disappear quickly.

Meaning of abnormal results

If we receive abnormal results, false positives can occur, which in turn can be influenced by contamination of the samples, insufficient presence of pathogens in the sample, interruption of the cold chain or even false negatives.

The COVID PCR test allows the diagnosis of COVID infection with a respiratory sample with results within 24 hours.

If you need to perform a COVID PCR test, you can buy it online and choose the laboratory closest to you.