ISAC Allergy Test

What is the ISAC allergy test?

The ISAC (Immuno Solid-Phase Allergen Chip) allergy test is an in vitro diagnostic test that simultaneously determines specific IgE antibodies to 112 allergenic proteins, which are present in more than 50 different allergens.

The most important advantage of this test is that by analyzing 112 proteins from 50 allergens in a blood sample at the same time, it allows to determine the allergens responsible for the patient’s symptoms and symptoms in a more accurate way. This makes it possible to create a specific treatment adapted to each patient.

What does it consist of?

The ISAC allergy test, which simultaneously measures specific IgE antibodies to a broad spectrum of allergen components, is performed on a blood sample from the patient.

The ISAC allergy test, by examining such a large spectrum, makes it easier to discover undetected sensitizations and to rule out others.

Why is the ISAC allergy test performed?

Initially, a diagnostic test helps to determine if the patient has an allergy, to what and what their level of allergy is.

By examining such a large spectrum it is easier to discover undetected sensitizations and in turn rule out others.

Some of them:

  • Patients polysensitized to foods and/or inhalants: Improves diagnosis.
  • Avoids diagnostic errors, especially in patients where there is no clear correlation between the positivity of conventional allergy tests and symptoms.
  • Allergenic vaccines: avoids therapeutic errors in their composition.
  • Evaluates patients with urticaria and idiopathic anaphylaxis.
  • Detects unsuspected sensitization. Preparation for the ISAC allergy test In order to perform this test it is necessary to draw a blood sample and for this purpose it is usually recommended that the patient should fast for 4 hours before the test.
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What does the test feel like?

As a general rule, the patient will not feel anything during the test, since only a small sample of blood will be taken in order to perform the allergy test. Meaning of results The results of the ISAC allergy test are classified into four categories:

  • Absent or undetectable reaction
  • Low reaction
  • Moderate-high reaction
  • Very high reaction