Exercise Physiology

What is exercise physiology?

Exercise physiology studies how exercising alters the function and structure of the body. This specialty is made up of a very broad group of physical trainers, fitness instructors, health educators, athletic trainers and sports physiologists. A physiologist estimates an athlete’s performance through the use of designed tests that accurately measure the athlete’s own physical characteristics. This allows the physician to advise coaches and athletes on their training and competitions.

The goal is to enhance the athletes’ performance.

Why is a sports physiologist important to athletes?

A physiologist understands how the body responds and adapts to different types of environments and situations, such as high temperatures or altitude. This is an important preparation for competitions or for the adaptation to the training of an athlete in these environments. It boosts performance in athletes.

What impact does sports physiology have on performance?

Sports physiology helps athletes achieve the best outcome in their performance. The body knows how to train, perform better and recover faster.

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