Oral Medicine

What is Oral Medicine?

Oral Medicine is the specialty that is in charge of diagnosing and treating primary pathologies, which have their origin in the mouth, or secondary pathologies, diseases that manifest in the mouth and affect structures of the oral cavity or areas close to it. Sometimes diseases that affect the whole organism can manifest themselves in the oral cavity. While on other occasions pathologies can appear directly in this part of the body.

What diseases does Oral Medicine treat?

Oral Medicine is in charge of studying the pathologies of the mouth, except for dental, maxillary bones and salivary glands, in its etiological, pathogenic, pathophysiological, epidemiological, preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic forms, with the aim of improving the state of health and preventing disease. Very different pathologies can be identified, such as aphthous ulcers, xerostomia or dry mouth, cysts or oral cancer and oral precancer.

There are primary oral pathologies that have their origin directly in the oral cavity.

Diseases related to Oral Medicine can be identified through a clinical examination of the mouth and oral mucosa, including lips, tongue, cheeks, palate and floor of the mouth. In the most difficult cases it is recommended to perform tests such as: X-rays, microbiological analysis or biopsies to get an accurate diagnosis.

As for the treatment of diseases of Oral Medicine depends on the cause and type of injury. In most cases the treatment consists of topical (antiseptic rinses and corticosteroids) and oral drugs. As a last option there is also the possibility of removing the lesion through simple and minimally invasive surgical procedures such as the use of dental laser.

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When is it necessary to see a specialist in Oral Medicine?

The specialist who treats Oral Medicine diseases is the dentist and odontologist. It is advisable to have an annual check-up in order to enjoy proper oral health. On the other hand, prevention of oral lesions at the first symptom is very important to avoid complications. Top Doctors has the best online medical directory where the patient can find the best specialist for the pathology he/she suffers from.