Aesthetic Orthodontics

What is esthetic orthodontics?

Aesthetic orthodontics consists of using a series of arches and brackets just like those of classic orthodontics with the main difference being that the image of the orthodontics is improved, making it practically imperceptible. Aesthetic orthodontics has the same effectiveness as traditional orthodontics, with the main difference – apart from the aesthetic or image factor – being that they are slightly more expensive than traditional braces, depending on the materials chosen.

The archwires used are made of different metals such as titanium or steel, and are embellished with a natural color that is barely distinguishable from the tooth.

As for the brackets, there are different options:

  • Ceramic
  • Zirconium
  • Sapphire
  • Polyfusone

Why is aesthetic orthodontics performed?

Orthodontics is performed in order to correct problems in the dentition as a bad position of teeth with the use of different types of forces. In this case, aesthetic orthodontics consists of correcting the problems of the teeth but without losing the aesthetics of the smile by using materials and composites that are barely noticeable.

It is carried out so that people who use it can correct the position of their teeth without sacrificing the esthetic aspect.

Aesthetic orthodontics achieves effective results while maintaining aesthetics during the process.

What does cosmetic orthodontics consist of?

Cosmetic orthodontics consists of the use of a series of brackets – which can be removable or fixed – and bands that with the use of forces and with a certain time of use, align the teeth to their ideal position, improving the appearance of the teeth and the smile without losing the esthetics during the procedure.

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Preparation for cosmetic orthodontics

In order to use or prepare for cosmetic orthodontics, it is necessary to make a series of visits to a specialist in dentistry, who will study the case and recommend the best treatment.

Care after cosmetic orthodontics

Correct oral hygiene must always be maintained, although in cases where the person is wearing orthodontics it should be even more exhaustive and important. Once the orthodontic treatment is finished, the care will be similar to that of any other person. As for the care of the teeth, orthodontic retainers are sometimes recommended, a type of appliance that provides firmness to the teeth to reinforce in the long term the results obtained after orthodontics.

Alternatives to esthetic orthodontics

Nowadays, dental esthetics is important for a large number of people, so there are numerous treatments for oral care. In dental alignment, there are a number of alternatives to cosmetic orthodontics:

  • Orthodontics: this consists of traditional orthodontics, which uses materials such as iron to align the teeth. They are not esthetic but are less expensive.
  • Veneers: consists of gluing on the surface of the tooth a few sheets of small thickness that camouflages the defects of the tooth.
  • Invisible orthodontics. In this case there are several types:
    • Invisalign

    • Damon System

    • Lingual orthodontics