Inverted nipples


1. What is inverted nipple surgery?

2. Why is the operation performed?

3. What does the operation consist of?

4. Preparation before the operation

5. Aftercare after the inverted nipple surgery

What is inverted nipple surgery?

Surgery to correct inverted nipples, also known as flat nipples or umbilicated nipples, is responsible for placing them in the natural position, protruding forward instead of retracted. It is a simple operation of short duration that consists of partial or total sectioning of the galatophore ducts, and can be performed under local anesthesia.

In some more complicated cases the operation will involve sectioning all the ducts, which may prevent breastfeeding in the future.

Why is the operation performed?

Some women have an abnormal nipple projection, in which the nipple does not project outward. This malformation is evident after puberty and although it does not have to be a health problem, many women want to solve this malformation that influences their self-esteem and confidence. Although it affects mostly women, men can also present inverted or retracted nipples.

There are different degrees of severity of this malformation: it may be that the nipple is inverted only occasionally, or that it is actually inserted inside the breast because the muscular filaments responsible for keeping it in its correct position do not exist or are too short.

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Avoid physical exercise for up to 10 days after the operation.

What does the operation consist of?

The surgical correction procedure, for mild cases, consists of making an incision around the base of the umbilicated nipple, projecting it outward and separating it from the muscle strands. Normally the nipple is left to protrude about 6-8 mm, depending on the case.

While in the most severe cases of this anomaly, it will inevitably require the removal of the breast ducts that allow the passage of milk during lactation, so the patient must take this into account when deciding whether to undergo this intervention.

Preparation before surgery

Before surgery it is necessary to perform a study of the breast to rule out any malignant alteration in the breast. Depending on the patient’s health characteristics, the professional surgeon may require a medical check-up before the intervention.

Care after the intervention of inverted nipples

In most cases the patient can return to her normal routine immediately after the operation. You should only avoid physical exercise until 10 days after the operation.

It is also common for the patient to experience discomfort such as localized pain, changes in sensation or swelling, which will subside after a few days. It is also possible to develop an infection in the area of the incisions or healing problems.