Nail diseases

Table of contents:

  1. What are nail diseases?
  2. Symptoms
  3. What are the causes?
  4. Can it be prevented?
  5. Treatment

What are nail diseases?

Nail diseases are those that cause nails to be unhealthy in appearance, i.e., not smooth or not uniform in color. Since nails are usually an indicator of the general state of health, it is important to detect if they have any disease, as they may be indicators of other pathologies. The most common nail diseases are onychomycosis (fungus), ingrown nail (when the sides of the nail dig into the foot) and anonychia (total or partial lack of nail).

What are the symptoms of nail diseases?

When the nails have a different color, break, flake easily, are very thick or have undulations, they have a disease.

What are the causes of nail diseases?

The causes can be multiple, but they are mainly due to an inadequate diet and the lack of vitamins and minerals in many of the foods we eat, as well as the ingestion of nutrients denatured by industrial methods of preparation, processing and preservation.

Other causes are the accumulation of toxins and chemical products in the organism due to contamination and pollution. In short, stress, pollution and inadequate nutrition are the main causes of most nail problems.

Can nail diseases be prevented?

The great enemies of the nails to avoid are cold, water, allergic substances, nail biting, blows, some poor quality chemical products, aggressive manicures or false nails that cause allergies. It is also recommended to keep the nails well trimmed and not to touch the cuticle (the boundary between the nail and the flesh).

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What is the treatment of nail diseases?

The treatment depends on the pathology of the nails. For example, if it is a fungus, we usually resort to a kind of chemical peeling with dressings with substances that soften the nails and thus eliminate the fungus, apart from taking antifungals orally.

On the other hand, ingrown toenails usually require a simple surgical intervention to cure it, complemented with antibiotics.

In any case, nail problems are usually due to other diseases, so, once the reason is detected, the disease that has caused the nail problem will be treated.