Pressure Therapy

What is pressotherapy?

Pressure therapy, also known as lymphatic drainage, is a treatment that consists of applying a massage through pressure on certain areas of the body. Its objective is to reactivate the circulatory system, stimulate the immune system and increase the body’s oxygenation, achieving a better nutrition of the cells and the elimination of toxins.

Why is it performed?

At an aesthetic level, pressotherapy has multiple benefits and is indicated for:

  • body shaping
  • considerably reduce cellulite
  • toning and firming the buttocks and legs
  • improve skin elasticity
  • help to lose weight and volume
  • treatment and prevention of varicose signs
  • edema and swollen legs
  • post mastectomy, for the recovery of lymphatic circulation in the arms
  • fluid retention or tired legs

In addition, pressure therapy relaxes and tones the muscles, giving the body a feeling of lightness.

What does it consist of?

This treatment consists of applying certain air pressures on the different parts of the body. Pressure therapy is delivered through blankets or boots that cover the legs. These blankets make a positive pressure on the body that is altered in a positive way in the body. Pressure therapy sessions last between 30 and 45 minutes and the sequence of massage, compression and decompression is between 10 and 20 times.

Preparation for pressotherapy

Before undergoing a pressotherapy session, hygiene is very important. It is advisable to use single-use hygienic plastics to avoid any infection or skin contact.