What is Ultracavitation?

Ultracavitation -also known as liposuction without surgery- consists of a painless reduction treatment with immediate effects whose objective is to eliminate fat deposits present in the body without the need to perform a surgical procedure. Thus, ultracavitation achieves a modeling in the general contour of the body while eliminating problems such as cellulite.

It uses ultrasound to reach the fat, eliminate it and then it is eliminated by the body itself.

Why is ultracavitation done?

Ultracavitation is a reduction technique whose main purpose is to eliminate fat deposits accumulated in the body in a non-invasive way, that is, without resorting to surgery.

The areas treated with ultracavitation are the thighs, hips, arms and abdomen. Through the application of ultrasound, excess fat is eliminated while rejuvenating the appearance of the skin.

What does ultra-vacitation consist of?

This aesthetic technique is based on ultrasound, which destroys fat cells without the need for surgery. Thus, by using a vibration frequency at a certain power, the molecules are put in resonance generating microbubbles that end up exploding breaking the selected structure selectively.

The example of voice tones in music is used, in the case of sopranos who, when singing, at a given moment can break a crystal glass with their voice. In this case, the singer’s note is emitted at a specific frequency of low power that resonates only against the glass of the glass, eventually breaking it. In the case of adipocytes, the necessary frequency is between 37 and 42 kilohertz. When the bubbles implode, the fats are released and eliminated through the lymphatic system in an autonomous way.

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It is a completely painless and non-invasive treatment that is indicated for medium-sized areas and its duration varies between three quarters of an hour and an hour. To obtain good results it is recommended to perform between ten and twelve sessions in a period of less than three months.

At the same time, during the treatment the doctor will recommend following a hyper-protein diet and drinking a large amount of water to facilitate the elimination of fat.

Preparation for ultracavitation and aftercare

When assessing this treatment, it is important to perform a medical examination and a study to detect possible anomalies and check that ultracavitation is an appropriate treatment.

Throughout the treatment it is recommended to follow a healthy diet, preferably high in calories and with a significant intake of water. At the same time, exercise is recommended to facilitate the elimination of fat.