1. What is lipolaser?
  2. Why is a lipolaser performed?
  3. What does lipolaser consist of?
  4. Preparation prior to lipolaser?
  5. Care after the procedure

What is lipolaser?

Lipolaser is a minimally invasive liposuction. It is a technique that has been performed for a little more than a decade and that achieves great results when reducing or eliminating fat and achieving a very fast recovery.

With this technique it is possible to eliminate fat, shape the body and reduce the so-called cellulite or ‘orange peel skin’ in a completely non-invasive way, through the application of laser energy by means of precise waves.

Why is a lipolaser performed?

Lipolaser allows the reduction or elimination of localized fat, as well as body contouring and cellulite reduction. The great advantage of this procedure is that it is a non-invasive method that allows the patient to be treated in less than three hours and allows an immediate return to daily life. It can treat areas where there is flaccidity such as the face, jowls, thighs or arms, although it can be applied in many other areas of the body.

Thus, it is a treatment that allows the patient to maintain their activities and allows to observe the results from the first session, although these are cumulative.

What does a lipolaser consist of?

The system used is a low-frequency laser that manages to intelligently biostimulate the fat cells so that they stop generating content. Thus, the lipolaser technique consists of making a small incision over the selected area and introducing a tiny cannula that at its end will be equipped with a luminous fiber optic guide that allows to go through the tissues without damaging the unwanted ones while reconstructing the blood vessels.

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In this way, the laser energy that is released through the end of the fiber dilutes the fat turning it into liquid that can either be aspirated through the cannula or can be eliminated naturally in the body, so it is a procedure that does not involve any risk.

Preparation prior to a lipolaser

The preparation for a lipolaser is not very different from a preparation for a surgical intervention. First of all, a medical examination will be performed to detect possible anomalies, and after a physical examination it will be decided whether or not the treatment is appropriate for the patient.

Post-operative care

The postoperative period is minimal. In principle, it is advisable to wear a girdle for the first two weeks, and the patient will be able to lead a normal life after two or three days.