What is micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation, also known as permanent makeup, is a facial treatment that aims to beautify, rejuvenate, balance and harmonize the facial contours. An immediate makeup effect is achieved with a very natural final result. It is a totally painless method so it is not necessary to apply any type of anesthesia.

Why is it performed?

Micropigmentation offers a permanent makeup effect, which allows highlighting some facial features giving more expressiveness to the look or simulating a greater volume of eyelashes. It also allows to beautify and make more perfect some areas of the face, such as the profile of the lips or the shape of the eyebrows; or to correct imperfections or asymmetries in the face, such as cleft lip.

What does it consist of?

This treatment is performed through a technique of pigment implantation in the skin, applied with a device called dermographer. The session lasts approximately two hours.

The pigmentation process does not begin until the patient’s age and preferences have been taken into account when choosing a micropigmentation style.

Preparation for micropigmentation

Prior to undergoing a micropigmentation treatment, a study of the bone structure and skin of the person should be carried out. In addition, it is important to undergo an allergy test to ensure that the patient will tolerate the pigments that will be applied.

Care after the procedure

Micropigmentation is a semi-permanent treatment that lasts between two and five years. The pigments are reabsorbed by the skin, so it is necessary to apply a review after that time. The duration depends on each skin type.